There’s no denying it: CORUS45 classes are totally kick-ass.  But how can you come back for your next ass kicking feeling fresh and ready to go?  Let’s discuss what’s happening to your muscles during class, why they feel so sore and depleted afterward, and some of our Headliners’ favorite ways to recover and recharge.

Classes at CORUS45 combine cardio, strength training, balance training, and stretching to provide a total-body burn.  During class, we are placing tension on the muscles via the springs, hand weights, and/or by balancing our own body weight.  This tension causes microscopic tears in the muscle fibers.  After your sweat session the tears in the muscle fibers repair themselves, resulting in muscles that are stronger and more efficient at movement.  The soreness you feel after class is a result of both lactic acid in the muscle and swelling/inflammation.  It’s important to repair the muscles effectively and quickly so that you can give your next workout your best effort.

Headliner Emily takes her post-workout nutrition very seriously. “My favorite recovery is making sure to have protein and carbs as soon as possible after, so for me that’s usually a smoothie or two hard-boiled eggs and fruit.”  Carbs will refuel your glycogen stores, and proteins will supply the amino acids necessary for muscle tissue repair.  For maximum benefit, get these nutrients in within 15 minutes of completing your class.

For Layla, it’s all about extra hydration and foam rolling.  Hydration, whether it’s water or an electrolyte-added sports drink, can help provide nutrients to the muscles.  Exercising while dehydrated can cause extreme soreness that takes longer from which to recover.  Foam rolling helps loosen the muscle tissue, break up knots in fascia, and flush out lactic acid.

Eileen focuses on her cross-training routine to stay fresh.  “I like to mix in cardio (long runs, sprints, cycling classes) to get blood flow to my muscles to loosen and repair them.”  She also swears by tart cherry juice, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Muscles feeling extra sore?  Try a topical muscle pain reliever like Biofreeze, which uses menthol to soothe sore muscles.  CBD rubs are also a great choice to reduce pain and fight inflammation.

Active recovery such as a gentle yoga class, Pilates session, stretching, or walking can push lactic acid out of muscles and help them recover quicker.  Try going for a walk in the evening after a super tough class to stretch out any tired, stiff muscles.

The final piece of the recovery puzzle is making sure you get a good night’s sleep.  Shoot for 8-10 uninterrupted hours in a dark, cool room.  Keep electronics away from the bed and wear ear plugs if your partner snores!  Deep sleep allows the repair to happen, and the repair is when muscle growth and increases in strength occur.

CORUS45 is a rockin’ workout that is unmatched by any other, but recovery is key to getting the most out of your workouts.  By sleeping enough, eating enough, hydrating, and cross training, you can hit the machine harder and harder every time!

Comment below with your favorite recovery tips and tricks!

Keep rockin’!