Frequently Asked Questions

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We love Pilates, but CORUS45 is quite different. Our classes are athletic, fast-paced and intense, but we move slowly and with control to minimize impact on joints.

No, not at all. Our approach accommodates all levels.  Our Headliners are excellent at modifying exercises for each individual need. As with anything new there will be an adjustment period, but trust us, you will be hooked!

45 minutes and trust us that’s enough!

Our approach is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more, or less, time to recover. We recommend 3-4 times a week to allow your body to properly recover and repair. Listen to your body, it’s up to you!

We require our students to wear non-slip socks. We have them at the studio or you can bring your own.

Wear breathable clothing that you can easily move in.