Every month Lagree clients submit success stories. Today we are featuring a success story form a Lagree Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. The story is from a client who came to the studio with the same needs as many of us have today – losing some weight, toning up, and building some muscle. We often get lost in our busy lives as kids, spouses, family, and work seem to consume us. Who has time for the gym? This transformation really hit home for us because Jon was able to make this transformation by only taking Lagree classes and made no other changes! No fad diets, no extra workouts, just plain, pure, amazing lagree on the megaformer, that is all it took to get these results. Here is his story: “I am in my mid 40s and I used to be fairly active. Then life, work, kids, everything got in the way. My active life style went to zero for years. I had to do something but I did not want to spend 5 days a week in a gym or 4 days or 3 days. I hate gyms. I have heard that a Megaformer work out will “transform” you. That word “transform” stuck in my head. That’s what I wanted, to be transformed. Here is how zero I was. I walked into Corus45, a Megaformer studio in Cleveland, and Jess, a super nice and friendly instructor, greeted me with a warm welcome. I signed up and handed her my credit card. Jess looked at me and said, “Um, I’m sorry but your credit card was declined.” I was sure my card was good but it was still embarrassing. I paid with cash and I was off, to meet the Megaformer. Later, I found out the credit card company thought it was a fraudulent charge and completely locked my card. The service rep asked “What’s Corus45? A fitness center? When I said yes, he said, “That is a very unusual charge for you.“ Yeah, I was that far from an active life style, even my credit card company knew it. Jess, the smiling and friendly instructor, I realized that her smile was hiding the fact she was going to kick my ass with the most intense and humbling workout I have ever had. After 5 months, every class on the Megaformer kicks my ass. What’s a Megaformer? It’s a weird looking machine with springs, 2 platforms and a carriage that moves between the two platforms. Classes are 45 minutes and it works every muscle you have, and even muscles you did not know you have. There is no leg day or arm day; it’s everything, everyday. Did I say I hate gyms? This is no gym. I committed myself to 2 classes a week at 45 minutes a class. Yeah, only 2 classes a week. Not much of a commitment, but it worked. My back no longer hurts. I dropped almost 2 inches off my waist, and my stomach no longer sticks out. I have dropped a size in most of my clothes and my cardio fitness level is so much better. Did I say the classes are only 45 minutes? My diet has not changed in these past 5 months. I eat the same. I have the same life, just 2 classes a week for 45 minutes. Thank you Hillary, the owner of Corus45, for bringing this amazing workout to Cleveland. I am being “transformed.” -Jon Kelley If this transformation story has inspired then join us for our upcoming 2018 8-Week Transformation Challenge starting January 8th. Let us help you get results you’ll be proud of, results that’ll get you noticed! Reserve your spot today and SAVE $25 of program fees, Get your mind and body prepared for the best YOU EVER! Call 941-201-1087 to sign up. We can’t wait to see your results!